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Seen through a lens

The atmosphere and open landscapes of the Swedish province Skåne is a metaphor for Microsoft´s new office in Lund, Sweden. The organisation in Lund has made the transition from cell offices to open office plan, gaining access to many different types of spaces for meetings and cooperation – both spontaneous and planned. Several quiet rooms for individual work complement the open spaces, since high performance requires calm and concentration as well as cooperation and inspiration. The social”hub” is central for the employees – it is a space for working, eating and gaming as well as holding both formal and informal meetings. The interior design concept is derived from the core of the business – developing software for working with visual material. The different functions of the camera – zooming in/out, focusing, mirrors and lenses – have inspired the design of layout, interiors and lighting. Creating a connection to the local area – Skåne and Sweden – has also played an important role in the office design. The characteristic fields of Skåne have been interpreted on carpets and ceilings, and the earthy colours and different textures of these fields have inspired the choice of colours and materials. Personal photos, taken by the staff, form a decorative pattern on the manifestations for glass partitions. Partly turned upside down, they appear as if seen through a lens.


pS Arkitektur

Head Architect
Beata Denton

Projekt architect
Julia Falås

Assisting architect
Thomas Åström

Lighting designer
Beata Denton

Jason Strong Photography