High up in Mästerhuset

High standards and ambition combined with deep insight into art and design is reflected throughout the new premises in central Stockholm. The new office space offers breathtaking views over the city. Iconic pieces of furniture and lights blend together with contemporary design.

Most of the staff work in an open office space with both classical desks and touch down tables. Generous areas for get-togethers and meeting rooms crown the space. In addition there´s an auditorium with a stage and flexible furniture for a number of different set-ups and number of guests.

“The devil´s in the details” – the design incorporates a lot of custom made solutions, such as carpet patterns, cloakrooms and WC´s. The columns have been fitted with tabletops and clad with leather and mirrors to reflect the views and draw the outside in to the inside.

pS arkitektur

Head Architect
Beata Denton

Assisting architect
Julia Falås

Lighting designer
Beata Denton

Jason Strong