On this site grows a rare plant called vityxne. It is a type of orchid with small white scented flowers that sit in rows along the stem. Though the vityxne is a rare plant it can be found throughout all of Sweden. The subspecies fjällyxne only grows in the mountain regions.

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Mountain cabin in cool climate

The mountain cabin Vityxne was created in symbiosis with the client. The shape of the house comes from an idea of a shape cut in half and shifted a bit. The exterior is a robust construction with silvery metal roof and a custom facade of 25x300mm laminated panels. The interior is a sober combination of black slate, white stained oak and white plaster and panel walls.
The lighting has been specially designed and is recessed in the ceiling and walls of all rooms. The mountain cabin will be finished and furnished by christmas 2012.

Familjen Sonnek

pS Arkitektur

Head Architect
Peter Sahlin

Projekt architect
Leif Johannsen, Mette Larsson Wedborn

Fjällmark Bygg i Hede

Anders Robertsson