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A modern addition to a classic 1920’s building

A growing family’s needs of more bedrooms, bigger kitchen and a new laundry space – was met through an additional building of three efficiently planned floor plans. The additional building was placed courtside to the main house.
The ground floor is completely immersed into the ground, which makes it not visible viewing from the street. The immersion leads to a more generous space on ground level with big windows that has direct contact with the outside garden.
There are indoor passages on all floors between main building and the additional building. The new modern formed addition is contrasting to the main buildings original form, but they connected through choice of material and colour.

Familjen Engstedt

pS Arkitektur

Head Architect
Peter Sahlin

Projekt architect
Mette Larsson Wedborn, Christian Hörgren

BJL Bygg

Jason Strong+PS Arkitektur


Material and color brings the modern addition and the original house together