Room in nature

A tribute to nature

In 2014, a spark started the largest forest fires in modern Swedish history. 14,000 hectares of forest burned up. But the devastation also created the conditions for new life and Hälleskogsbrännans nature reserve was founded. The visitor center began as part of Mikael Hassel's Thesis project at the School of Architecture. After graduation, the project won the contract for a new visitor center. Mikael worked with the project together with pS Arkitektur and it was built in 2017.

The project's two materials, graying timber and black painted steel together with charred details, symbolize the forest and the forest fire. The buildings consist of compact volumes. The log timber tradition has inspired the form and details. Simple grips such as rotated roof ridges create directions for outlooks and allows, for example, the gallery roof of the outdoor classroom. The buildings are located along a 300 meter long handicap accessible ramp uphill Grävlingsberget. Wc building is located at the start of the ramp. Second, the outdoor classroom with gallery roof and outdoor space under the roof for teaching and barbecue. Information along the ramp tell about the recovery of the nature. The ramp ends with a handicap accessible viewing area and a 12 meter high viewing tower with a wide view of both fire-damaged and fresh forests. The viewing tower consists of three compact volumes stacked on each other and twisted to achieve varied views. In the area there are also barbecue areas and star-show sofas in the same design as the rest of the project.

Länssyrelsen Västmanland

Mikael Hassel

Head Architect
Peter Sahlin

Mikael Hassel